Five Star Lager: A Chicago Exclusive Craft Beer from Lyft

by: Joseph On  Thursday, January 11, 2018

Five Star Lager

One of the great advantages of using rideshare services like Lyft instead of driving is that you can get as drunk as you want and the only real risk you take in transit is severely annoying your driver. In turn, that means Lyft is free to explore possibilities within the craft beer industry for some reason, and so we have the new Five Star Lager from Lyft and Chicago brewery Baderbräu Brewing.

When I first heard about Five Star Lager, I’d assumed that Chicago-area Lyft users would be treated to (or at least get the opportunity to buy) a cold one during their next ride. Instead, the beer will be sold exclusively in bars throughout Chicago, and everybody who buys one will get 60 percent off their Lyft ride home.

The advantages of Five Star Lager are twofold: A clever branding opportunity for Lyft, and an extra incentive for Chicago drinkers not to drive drunk. Read more about the beer here.