Nissan Brain to Vehicle Technology (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, January 4, 2018

Nissan Brain to Vehicle Technology

For this year’s CES event, Nissan has purportedly developed technology that would seem like science fiction not too long ago. At some point it will probably be called “CogniDrive” or something snazzy like that, but for now it just goes by the moniker of Nissan Brain to Vehicle Technology. 

Nissan Brain to Vehicle Technology, as the name suggests, allows the user’s car to communicate with the user’s brain, anticipating needs and adapting to the driver’s, uh, also needs. Ideally this would not lead to a 21st century John Carpenter’s Christine scenario, but Nissan very pointedly fails to address this in their introductory video for the technology, which you can take a look at for yourself below:

You can expect more information on Nissan Brain to Vehicle Technology as we go into CES 2018 starting this weekend. To that end, you can stay tuned to the official YouTube channel for Nissan right here.