Fried Chicken Home Type: KFC Japan Unveils “Repressed Scent” Chicken

by: Joseph On  Thursday, December 28, 2017

KFC Japan's Fried Chicken Home Type

Cultural differences between countries can be fascinating sometimes. For instance, where I sit in the southeastern United States, it’s unthinkable to me that anyone would want to invent a fried chicken that doesn’t smell like fried chicken. KFC Japan – for some reason – has done exactly that with a “repressed scent” fried chicken called Fried Chicken Home Type (fried chicken is big during the holidays in Japan). 

KFC Japan’s Fried Chicken Home Type is available only at a KFC popup store located in the subway system in Tokyo between now and December 31st, and just for clarity’s sake I will reiterate that it does not smell strongly of fried chicken the way conventional KFC orders do. According to Grub Street, the secret isn’t in the chicken itself, but in the packaging:

“The trick seems to be using less-permeable plastic for the packaging, not cardboard, and then selling the chicken at room temperature — you just reheat the pieces once you and your stealth fried dinner get home.”