MoMA Design Trick Placemat

by: Joseph On  Thursday, December 21, 2017

MoMA Design Trick Placemat

Placemats generally don’t expand one’s mind even if the eater is paying attention to it – the principle of “least objectionable programming” probably applies to most placemat designers. The Museum of Modern Art has a product that goes above and beyond the limits of perception usually observed by standard placemats: The MoMA Design Trick Placemat. 

I don’t really know how I would describe the optical illusion employed by the MoMA Design Trick Placemat, so it’s a good thing I can just direct you to the photo up at the top. It seems to curve the lines around it, especially when you’ve got a whole plate-and-utensil spread setup on top of it, making it look like your plate and silverware are sinking into the table.

Spooky, right? If you want to introduce a little mind-warping visual trickery to your evening meals, head over to the MoMA Design Store right here, where the MoMA Design Trick Placemat is priced at $25.