Christopher Nolan 4K Collection Out Now

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christopher Nolan 4K Collection

Nothing like a good Chris Nolan film to take the edge off, especially if you’re in a stressful holiday family situation. And if you want your Nolan movies to look as good as possible – and if you’re lucky enough to have access to an ultra HD TV and and compatible Blu-ray player – the Christopher Nolan 4K Collection is probably the way to go, short of purchasing an IMAX theater.

DunkirkThe PrestigeInterstellarInception, and of course Nolan’s trilogy of Batman movies are included in the Christopher Nolan 4K Collection box set, all remastered in 4K resolution so they likely look as sharp, clear, and beautiful as they do at your local cineplex. Fans of Nolan’s remake of Insomnia will find the set a tad incomplete, though.

You can purchase your own Christopher Nolan 4K Collection from Amazon right here, where as of this writing the set is priced at a hair under $150.