Mannequin Skywalker Takes Test Spin on Blue Origin Crew Capsule 2.0 (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, December 15, 2017

Mannequin Skywalker

Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos is famous for treating his employees like robots, but he can be forgiven for treating the newest addition to the team in such a way. I’m talking about Mannequin Skywalker, a crash test dummy who recently took a trip on board the Blue Origin Crew Capsule 2.0, an experience that Bezos says will be available to the public in the near future.

Mannequin Skywalker’s trip seen in the video below is reputedly the first successful test flight for the Crew Capsule 2.0, and hopefully old Mannequin came out of it with his extremities more or less intact. The idea is, you watch the video and figure, “if Mannequin can do it, so can I.” Take a look:

Bezos also took to Twitter to show off the inaugural use of the company’s landing pad bot – clearly, it’s a good time to be a synthetic Amazon employee: