Dairy Air Ice Cream Co. in Trouble for “Sexy Cow” Logo

by: Joseph On  Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dairy Air Ice Cream Co.

Sexy cows: Harmless fun or objectifying trash? That’s the debate currently raging around the Dairy Air Ice Cream Co. in New Jersey, whose logo is catching more heat than a cartoon cow has since Clarabelle Cow was blacklisted for alleged communist sympathies in 1952.

The Dairy Air Ice Cream Co.’s very name is a play on the word “derriere,” and they boast menu items with names like Backside Banana Split, Oprah’s Favorite Fanny, Sweet Cheeks and Chocolate, Devil’s Derriere, Spankin’ Strawberry Moon, and Mexican Waffle Wedgie, so the sexy cow logo would seem to be right in their brand wheelhouse. But local residents in Montclair, as well as many honorary denizens connected via the World Wide Web, are not having it, calling the logo offensive and sexist.

The Dairy Air Ice Cream Co. is reportedly working to change the logo to something “more fun and less sexy,” so all eyes are on whatever the new logo turns out to be.