Space Candle: A Scented Candle That Smells like Outer Space

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Space Candle

I was unaware of this before today, but evidently almost every astronaut who has been to outer space describes a distinctive smell immediately upon removing their helmet back inside the ship. The borderline heroes at Cool Material have done the requisite research and created a scented candle that purportedly captures that smell: The Space Candle.

The Space Candle’s ad copy doesn’t attempt to describe the smell of space, but I did a little research of my own and found phrases like “scorched steak” and “hot metal” – in other words, not typically smells you would want in your home. But if you devotion to outer space is strong, and you’re unlikely to make it to space any time soon, it might be a good imagination bolster.

By the Space Candle here for just under $25. And you may want to consider pairing it with the Portable Anti-Gravity Module ($10 billion) for that full outer space experience in the home.