Skull Growler from Hired Guns Creative: Made with Real Gold

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Skull Growler

At first glance, the new Skull Growler by Hired Guns Creative probably looks like a normal glass beer growler, albeit an unusually stylish one, with a golden skull emblazoned on the front. But actually, that skull isn’t golden, produced with ink or any other traditional method, but actual gold.

The Skull Growler holds 64 ounces of your preferred beer – an ideal accessory for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day feast, should you somehow be able to acquire one before then. As for what the gold does to the beer’s flavor, presumably it doesn’t touch the interior of the growler – but a little gold ain’t gonna kill ya anyway!

The Hired Guns Creative Skull Growler can be purchased from the official Hired Guns online store right here, where Negaduck’s preferred beer growler is currently priced at about $24. And don’t fret that you can’t get one in time for Thanksgiving – I’m sure it would make a good addition to the beer arsenal for the rest of the holiday season, too.