Sticking-Out Steak Burger: Japanese Fast Food Chain Makes Literal Steakburger

by: Joseph On  Monday, November 20, 2017

Sticking-Out Steak Burger

In North America, we tend to think of the term “Steakburger” as a euphemism, one specifically employed by Steak ‘n Shake to refer to their cheeseburgers, which, while very good, are pretty much just regular cheeseburgers. But in Japan, the fast food burger joint Lotteria has made the word literally, descriptively accurate with what they refer to as the Sticking-Out Steak Burger.

The Sticking-Out Steak Burger is so named because the 100-gram Angus shoulder roast beef steak inside does not have a congruent shape with the standard burger bun. And yes – it does come in a double variant, for when one steak isn’t enough.

Reportedly only available for six days once it comes out, the Sticking-Out Steak Burger is reportedly coming to Lotteria locations in Japan on November 24th. But maybe if you ask your the chef at your local steakhouse really politely, they’ll whip one up for you off the menu.