‘Liquid Swords – The Singles Collection’ Deluxe Edition Comes with Actual Swords

by: Joseph On  Friday, November 17, 2017

Liquid Swords - The Singles Collection

GZA’s 1995 album Liquid Swords is widely acknowledged as the preeminent Wu-Tang masterpiece, at least among the canon’s solo projects, and possibly over all. Now, a new deluxe edition of (part of) the album from Universal label Urban Legends gives you a new way to pay tribute: Liquid Swords – The Singles Collection.

Liquid Swords – The Singles Collection box set includes “I Got Ya Back”; “Cold World” (and a D’Angelo-featuring remix); “Liquid Swords”; and “Shadowboxin'”/”4th Chamber” on 7-inch vinyl. But it also includes a lot more than that, like visual representations of each track on prints by artist Andrew Hem. And if you shell out for the limited deluxe edition of the box set, you get a pair of “practice swords” (!!) and an autograph from The Genius himself.

Get the deluxe edition of Liquid Swords – The Singles Collection from Urban Legends right here. And the non-signed, swordless version of the box set is more widely available, at a lower price – if your dignity can let you go without those two practice swords!