‘Giddy Up Colonel’: Man Who Discovered KFC Twitter Easter Egg Gets Painting as Reward

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Giddy Up Colonel

If you’re on Twitter at all, you probably saw the viral tweet that revealed an ingenious social media ploy of KFC‘s – that the official KFC account “5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb,” an allusion to the chain’s famous secret “11 herbs and spices.” But you might not have seen the followup, in which the author of that tweet, Mike Edgette, was rewarded for his efforts with a painting that for SEO purposes I am dubbing Giddy Up Colonel. Here’s the masterpiece itself, straight from the chicken’s mouth:

Giddy Up Colonel depicts Edgette himself riding on the Colonel’s back in some kind of picturesque locale, much like the patrons of old would commission paintings of themselves by great artists.

Edgette reportedly received 52 KFC gift cards valued at $5 each as part of the Giddy Up Colonel prize package, which you can read more about right here. And keep your eyes on the Colonel, you never know what he’s up to, and how you might benefit from discovering it.