‘The Godfather Trilogy: Omertà Edition’ Coming Next Month (Video)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Godfather Trilogy: Omertà Edition

I somehow missed this when it was first announced this summer, but Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy of films following the various rises and falls of the Corleone family is coming to a handsome new Blu-ray box set entitled The Godfather Trilogy: Omertà Edition.

“Omertà” of course refers to the code of silence observed by respectable criminals, so if you do acquire a copy of The Godfather Trilogy: Omertà Edition, be sure not to tell any cops. The individually numbered, limited edition set will reportedly include restored versions of all three Godfather movies, plus a disc of (previously released) bonus material, director commentaries, trivia cards, something called “magnetic poetry,” quote cards, and more.

Check out a teaser for The Godfather Trilogy: Omertà Edition below, and watch for it to hit retailers next month – November 7th, to be precise. Only 45,000 copies of the set are going to be made, so don’t procrastinate if you want one: The secondary market can be murder.