Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife by Meteorite

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife

The folks at Meteorite know a good trend when they see one – and so, we now have the inevitable Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife, and at least this version of the idea seems to have some basic safety features built in – no, it does not spin when the blade is unlocked, so you can forget about any Predator fantasies you might have involving this device.

Even if you can’t use the Meteorite Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife to chop off Carl Weathers’ arm, its 2.4-inch AUS8 Japanese steel blade is useful for all the usual pocket knife utilities. But here’s the really ingenious part: You no longer have to face the potentially dangerous temptation of fidgeting with a pocket knife by clicking it open and shut, since this pocket knife doubles as a fidget spinner.

Check out the Meteorite Fidget Spinner Pocket Knife at the Cool Material Shop right here, where it’s priced at a bit under $60.