‘Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ Original Animated Movie (Trailer)

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 30, 2017

Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Fans of one or both of the Batman and Scooby-Doo franchises are aware that the two have intersected in the past – Scooby-Doo Meets Batman comes to mind. Now, this pleasant combination of flavors is coming back, with the upcoming original animated film Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold is an off-shoot of the popular Batman animated series The Brave and the Bold, which featured Batman teaming up with an increasingly esoteric cast of guest stars (whether the famously cowardly Scooby-Doo counts as “brave” or “bold” is a question for another day). To that end, there are reportedly a lot more characters than just Mystery Inc. and Batman involved in this project, there are also Batman’s rogues like Joker, Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, Scooby-Doo’s antagonists like Ghost Clown, Spooky Space Kook, Gentleman Ghost, and Miner 49er, and even some of Batman’s pals in the DC Universe: Aquaman, Plastic Man, The Question and Martian Manhunter.

Check out the trailer for Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold below. And watch for the film to hit home video in January of next year.