‘World Wide Funk’: New Bootsy Collins Record Features Snoop Dogg, Iggy Pop

by: Joseph On  Friday, October 27, 2017

World Wide Funk

Funk legend Bootsy Collins has returned to the scene with his first album in six years, and it’s an overstuffed affair packed with guest stars and cameo appearances in the vein of the Holy Ghost’s late-period records. But unlike Bootsy’s celebrity-packed last album Tha Funk Capital of the World, World Wide Funk is populated by young up-and-comers who are likely to be bigger stars in five years or so than they are now.

Of course, World Wide Funk also features the talents of familiar names like Snoop Dogg and, for some reason, Iggy Pop, who provides an awesome spoken word intro at the very beginning of the album that may act as a kind of primer for those unfamiliar with the legend of Bootsy Collins. There’s also a sample from an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, in case that sort of thing interests you.

You can check out World Wide Funk on various formats now, but in case it hasn’t turned up on your streaming platform of choice just yet you can also get a preview stream of the album at NPR Music right here. Bootsy baby!