The Void Rug: A Rug That Looks like a Big, Round Hole in Your Floor

by: Joseph On  Friday, October 20, 2017

The Void Rug

Remember the “Portable Holes” in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and a million other assorted cartoons? No, they aren’t real, and they’re never going to be as long as the laws of physics remained unchanged. But Scottish product designer Scott Jarvie has come up with a pretty cool riff on the idea, simply called The Void Rug.

The Void Rug is a rug for the floor of your apartment, house, or office that uses an anamorphic optical illusion essentially to make it look like there’s a giant cartoonish hole in the floor of wherever you lay it down. There’s also a rectangular shaped version, if you want to go for added realism and to really freak out your guests.

Check out The Void Rug at Jarvie’s official site here, where you can also stay tuned to see if and when it becomes available for sale, as well as all of Jarvie’s other projects.