“If Time is Money / Hood Go Bang”: Wu-Tang Releases 2-in-1 Music Video

by: Joseph On  Thursday, October 19, 2017

If Time is Money / Hood Go Bang

It’s not too bad living in the later part of the Wu-Tang dynasty, especially since the Wu-Tang Clan has now emerged from its self-imposed Shaolin exile and is making music for the plebes again. Their new album The Saga Continues is out now, and as part of the promotion for that record the group has released a 2-in-1 video: “If Time is Money / Hood Go Bang.”

The visuals for “If Time is Money / Hood Go Bang” combine two tracks off of The Saga Continues into one video, an unorthodox strategy that’s nevertheless typical of the group’s experiments with different modes of distribution and ways to release their music. Method Man is featured prominently in the video, roaming the streets of New York as accompanied by some handy visual lyrics (sing along with Method Man!).

Check out the music video for “If Time is Money / Hood Go Bang” directed by Itchy House below. And for more, head over to the Wu-Tang Clan’s VEVO YouTube channel right here.