Vegas Golden Knights Offend Millions With Crazy Sexist Tweet Aimed At Boston Bruins (Tweets)

by: Author, Editor On  Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The Vegas Golden Knights zinged the Boston Bruins with an incredibly sexist tweet over the weekend. Then, rather than apologize and delete the tweet, they just kept on digging, and digging, and digging.

Prior to the Golden Knights’ game against the Bruins on Saturday, they tweeted out their opponents’ lineup, only they replaced all the first names with female names.

Take a look:

Golden Knights Sexist Tweet
Apparently nobody in business ops told the social media team not to offend and alienate 50% of the team’s paying customers. Luckily Twitter stepped in to fill the leadership void:




But here’s where this story really gets crazy. Instead of immediately deleting the tweet and apologizing for the error in judgement, the Golden Knights tried to justify the joke by explaining that it’s a reference to a not-universally-beloved movie:

Golden Knights Response to Sexist Tweet
As of Monday morning, the original sexist tweet and the one explaining it had finally been deleted. However, the Golden Knights have yet to acknowledge they ever existed, let alone issue an apology.

The Golden Knights’ hot start has been one of the best stories of the nascent NHL season. Somebody in their PR department better get the social media team under control before they ruin it.

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