Amazon Doorbells to Admit Deliveries into Your Home Possibly on the Way

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Amazon Doorbells

Amazon‘s product delivery system is like a well-oiled machine at this point – they’ve figured out how to get your stuff to you when the postal service is off, or in some cities within hours of when you placed the order. But there’s one problem they haven’t been able to solve: “Porch pirates,” which sounds like an offensive slur but actually refers to people who swipe Amazon packages that have been delivered and left at customers’ front doors. In order to combat these criminals, there are reportedly Amazon doorbells in the works that would allow delivery people to actually come inside your home while you’re out to deliver your stuff.

CNBC reports that Amazon has begun collaborating with a company called Phrame that makes smart license plate frames that allow you to lock and unlock your car trunk with a smartphone app. Similar technology would be used in Amazon doorbells, only it would be wielded by Amazon delivery people who would be allowed in and out of your home on some kind of time-sensitive basis (to prevent you from coming home and finding him asleep on your sofa, for instance).

Amazon hasn’t commented to confirm the development of Amazon doorbells, but you can read more about the project right here.