Burger King Spicy Nuggets: Free to Anyone Named Wendy in LA, NY, and Miami

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Burger King Spicy Nuggets

It’s been a good day for Burger King‘s social media department. First we had the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake which got a few headlines and Facebook/Twitter shares, and now we have something much more amusing: New Burger King Spicy Nuggets being given away to anyone named “Wendy” in select markets.

Yes, that is a blow against Wendy’s in the ongoing social media wars between the big fast food chains, and a rather funny one, since as we all know Burger King Spicy Nuggets come years after Wendy’s popularized the spicy chicken nugget concept. Here’s current Burger King Alex Macedo in an interview with Business Insider on how they got into the Spicy Nugget game:

“There were a couple competitors out there that did spicy nuggets, and all of a sudden, one or two of these competitors decided to eliminate the product. We saw some of the same things we had seen for Chicken Fries, a menu item Burger King brought back in 2015 after discontinuing the dish. People were craving this spicy nugget. They wanted spicy nuggets.”

If you’re named Wendy, hit up a BK in LA, New York, or Miami to get your free 10-piece Burger King Spicy Nuggets, while everybody else will pay $1.49