‘Justice League’ Trailer Features Appropriate Bowie Cover (Video)

by: Joseph On  Monday, October 9, 2017

Justice League trailer

DC and Warner Bros. went on the promotional offensive last week, promising fans a new Justice League trailer to satisfy their increasing appetite for what the new movie will be like. They finally delivered on Sunday, with a new trailer featuring lots of new footage from the movie, and scored to a thematically appropriate cover of David Bowie’s song “Heroes.”

Well, kind of thematically appropriate anyway, as the Justice League is indeed populated by heroes. I don’t think Bowie’s song is about superheroes per se, and even Aquaman gets to be a hero for more than one day, but whatever. In any case, here’s the new Justice League trailer – be sure to stay through the end for a funny exchange between The Flash and Bruce Wayne (who, and keep this to yourself, is also Batman):

Believe it or not, Justice League hits theaters next month, and in the meantime you can visit its official site right here.