Wild Blue Doodle Contest by CloudAhoy Rewards Artistic Pilots

by: Joseph On  Thursday, October 5, 2017

Wild Blue Doodle Contest

For most of us, the job of the airplane pilot is to get from point A to point B is quickly and safely as possible, ideally without any uncomfortable turbulence along the way. But the folks at flight route tracking service CloudAhoy are taking time to appreciate those pilots that have a little bit more finesse and flair in their flying abilities, with the Wild Blue Doodle Contest.

CloudAhoy was designed to be use to track flight routes, but before long pilots discovered they could use the service’s flight visualization tech to create artwork in the sky. That’s the idea behind the Wild Blue Doodle Contest, and this year the winners are being decided by the general public – or at least the members of the public who go to CloudAhoy’s website to vote on the nominees.

Check out the finalists of the Wild Blue Doodle Contest right here. And may you never be cursed with an artistic-minded pilot in your travels.