Arctic Buzz: Vodka-Infused Ice Cream That WILL Get You Drunk

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Arctic Buzz

I feel like about once every one or two weeks I’m writing about some food that’s been infused with alcohol or weed of some variety or another. Ice cream is a particularly popular choice for this novelty, and it seems as though they all come with a permanent disclaimer: “This will not get you drunk/high.” Now, finally, there’s Arctic Buzz, a vodka-infused ice cream that will also get the job done.

That job, of course, is getting you drunk while you eat ice cream. And even though flavor is often not a priority among those wishing to get drunk, Arctic Buzz comes in several supposedly great flavors: Coconut, vanilla, raspberry, key lime pie, and cookies and cream.

Now for the bad news: Arctic Buzz appears to be available only in the area surrounding its Baltimore hometown. But you can get a lot more info at the product’s website here, and hopefully it will expand to other territories in the near future.