‘1981-2003 Michael Jordan’s Sneaker History’ by Illustrator Alberto Rioja (Videos)

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 29, 2017

1981-2003 Michael Jordan’s Sneaker History

Illustrator Alberto Rioja has turned his creative energies toward one of the most legendary collections of sneakers of all time: The Jordan Brand sneaker lineup. And in illustrating this comprehensive overview of the Air Jordan heyday, Rioja has released drawings of all of Michael Jordan’s iconic on-court outfits, proving he was almost as much a style legend as much as an athletic one. The book is called 1981-2003 Michael Jordan’s Sneaker History.

1981-2003 Michael Jordan’s Sneaker History is 392 pages long, but you can take an advance look at what’s inside in the video below. Well, videos, and I’m gonna attempt a little visual wizardry here to make them line up in an anatomically proper fashion. Here does nothing:

There you go, you can even do a little mix-and-match action there if you want. Once your done, you can pre-order a copy of 1981-2003 Michael Jordan’s Sneaker History at Rioja’s site right here now through October 14th.