‘The Missing Notebook Rhymes’ from MF Doom and Adult Swim Comes To Abrupt, Premature End

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Missing Notebook Rhymes

I’ve been casually keeping up with MF Doom’s ambitious 15-week project with Adult Swim called The Missing Notebook Rhymes for the last couple months or so. But unfortunately, that casual relationship has now come to an end, for reasons that are appropriately mysterious giving the working methods of MF Doom and his various alter-egos. Here’s Adult Swim’s statement on the matter:

“Adult Swim is ending our relationship with DOOM, and thus, the remaining Missing Notebook Rhymes will, unfortunately, have to remain…missing. We are glad to have had the chance to provide the previous free tracks to our fans.”

And that’s it. The somewhat irreverent tone of the statement leads me to note with relief that this parting of the ways must not be due to some kind of sex scandal or anything like that, which is good news for MF Doom fans – even though it doesn’t mean The Missing Notebook Rhymes staying missing forever stings any less.

In the meantime, you can find the previously released seven tracks on the internet easily enough, although not on Adult Swim’s website, and you can listen to Doom’s collaborative effort with Westside Gunn below.