‘Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters’ Remix Album Coming Soon (Audio)

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 15, 2017

Funkadelic Remixed by Detroiters

Few cities have a richer musical history than Detroit, Michigan, with a thriving electronic music scene that continues into the present day. For new proof of how deep the music bench is in Motor City, take a look at the tracklist for the upcoming Funkadelic remix album Funkadelic Reworked by Detroiters:

Side 1

1. Sexy Ways (Recloose Disco Flip)
2. You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure (Alton Miller Mix)
3. Get Your Ass Off And Jam (Marcellus Pittman Remix)

Side 2

1. Cosmic Slop (Moodymann Mix)
2. Music For My Mother (Andres Wo Ahh Ay Vocal Mix)
3. Super Stupid (Dirtbombs Version)

Side 3

1. Music 4 My Mother (Underground Resistance Mix)
2. Undisco Kidd (Gay Marvine Edit)
3. Take Your Dead Ass Home (The Fantasy Version)

Side 4

1. Let’s Take It To The Stage (Amp Fiddler Laughin @Ya Mix)
2. Standing On The Verge (Anthony Shake Shakir & T Dancer Remix)
3. You And Your Folks (Claude Young Jr Club Mix)

Side 5

1. Be My Beach (Mophono & Tom Thump)
2. You And Your Folks (Claude Young Jr Dub)
3. Let’s Make It Last (Kenny Dixon Jr Edit)

Side 6

1. Looking Back At You (Ectomorph Stripped And Dubbed)
2. Maggot Brain (BMG Dub)

P-Funk fans should be psyched to hear new versions of these Funkadelic classics, which include a fair amount of deep cuts among its 17 tracks. One of those tracks is already available on streaming services like Spotify – “Cosmic Slop (Moodymann Mix),” which you can hear for yourself below.

You can pre-order Funkadelic Remixed by Detroiters on vinyl and CD right here, and the album comes out on October 27th, just in time for a Funkadelic Halloween.