‘All the Money in the World’: Film Stars Kevin Spacey in Old Man Makeup (Trailer)

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 15, 2017

All the Money in the World

In 2012, viewers of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus wondered why Guy Pearce was cast to play the decrepit founder of the Weyland Corporation for only one scene, given that an actual aged actor could have easily played the part instead. One answer is that Pearce does play the character as a younger man in some promotional shorts, as well as in the film’s sequel Alien: Covenant. But another reason could be that actors just like wearing a lot of makeup and prosthetics, and that Ridley Scott likes to indulge them, as evidenced by Kevin Spacey’s role in the upcoming movie All the Money in the World. 

Spacey plays John Paul Getty in All the Money in the World, which is based on the true life story of how Getty, then the world’s richest man, refused to pay a $17 million ransom for his kidnapped grandson. The movie also stars Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, both of whom you can see in the trailer for the movie below:

All the Money in the World opens on December 8th.