Andy Warhol’s You’re In: Artist’s Fragrance Re-Released by COMME des GARÇONS Parfum

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 8, 2017

Andy Warhol’s You’re In

COMME des GARÇONS Parfum is paying tribute to the famous Andy Warhol by resurrecting one of his most controversial projects. As the story goes, “Andy Warhol’s You’re In” was a fragrance the artist bottled in old Coke bottles painted silver, which led the Coca-Cola brand (not as hip in 1967 as it is now) to issue a cease and desist order.

Warhol abandoned the project, but now Andy Warhol’s You’re In, is coming back. It’s available now at Dover Street Market New York, with CDG Berlin and CDG Parfum Paris to follow. Eventually all of the CDG and DSM flagship locations worldwide will carry the fragrance throughout the remainder of September and October, so keep an eye out.

And yes, presumably the play on words evident in the name “You’re In” is both intentional and not the subject of the original project’s controversy – proof that Coke found the idea of using their bottles in art more offensive than invoking the sale of Andy Warhol’s urine.