Bobby Hundreds x Roger Rabbit Collab Teased on Instagram

by: Joseph On  Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bobby Hundreds x Roger Rabbit

Let’s face it – Roger Rabbit, with his read overalls and giant, independently emotive ears, has been a style icon for decades. Now the star of the beloved theatrical cartoon short subject series along with fellow icon Baby Herman just might be teaming up with The Hundreds‘ founder Bobby Hundreds for some kind of Bobby Hundreds x Roger Rabbit collaborative collection, if a teaser recently posted to Bobby’s Instagram is any indication.

Nothing is known about the Bobby Hundreds x Roger Rabbit team-up, save for the photo posted to Instagram (seen above), and the date 9-29-17, which Hundreds made the caption of the photo. So Roger’s legions of fans will probably have to wait a few weeks to find out exactly what’s going on – at the very least, it seems to be a pair of red overalls with the star’s likeness peeking up out of one of the pockets.

Check out the Bobby Hundreds x Roger Rabbit collab teaser at Bobby Hundreds’ Instagram account right here, where you can also stay tuned for additional clues about whatever this ends up being.