Richardson x Pornhub “Banned In” T-Shirt

by: Joseph On  Monday, September 4, 2017

Richardson x Pornhub "Banned In" T-Shirt

Normally I probably wouldn’t devote two articles to a Pornhub apparel collection in a matter of days, but the most recent teaser for the Richardson x Pornhub collection clarifies an issue I’ve been wondering about since I saw the collection’s first teaser. You may remember that the black bomber jacket seen in Richardson’s Instagram post had what appeared to be an itemized list on the back, but the picture was too small to make out what any of the items are. Now, with the unveiling of the Richardson x Pornhub “Banned In” t-shirt, I can make a reasonable guess.

The Richardson x Pornhub “Banned In” t-shirt features flags of nations that have censored or attempted to censor porn at some point – and yes, the US is on there – making the shirt a gesture of support towards transgressive expression. And this is just a guess, but I’m assuming that that list on the back of the bomber jacket (and presumably the t-shirt as well) is a list of the countries in question.

Stay tuned to the Richardson online store here for the Richardson x Pornhub “Banned In” t-shirt as well as the rest of the collaborative collection, which drops on September 8th.