Life Size LEGO Ferrari SF70H: Watch it Built in Timelapse (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, September 1, 2017

Life Size LEGO Ferrari SF70H

One of the advantages to working at LEGO is sometimes you get to build a life size supercar replica completely out of LEGO building bricks (employees at Hostess never get to do this with their products, I have it on good authority). The latest such project is a life size LEGO Ferrari SF70H, which you can see built from the bottom up in a new timelapse video from LEGO.

The life size LEGO Ferrari SF70H required more than 750 hours of of build time and almost 350,000 LEGO bricks. You can see the entire process, starting with the design stage, when the car was just a picture on a computer screen, to the finished product, 576kg of LEGO brick Ferrari supercar, unfold in just 90 seconds in the video below:

As always, you can stay tuned to the devastatingly time-consuming LEGO YouTube channel right here for more, but only if you’re ready to throw away a good chunk of your afternoon.