Barnaby Dixon: Get a Load of the New Puppeteer on the Block (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 25, 2017

Barnaby Dixon Bug Puppet

One of the cool things about YouTube culture is that all the old forms of entertainment have come back in a new way – shadowplays are back, impressions are back, ventriloquism is back, basically, vaudeville is back. That includes puppetry, and since it’s Friday afternoon and there’s a giant hurricane barreling towards Texas it’s as good a time as any to check out the heir apparent to Jim Henson, Barnaby Dixon.

Barnaby Dixon’s latest creation is what he calls a “Bug Puppet,” although to be totally Gonzo if he really wants to be the next Henson he’s going to have to start coming up with better names than “Bug Puppet” – I mean, just imagine if Kermit the Frog were called “Frog Puppet.” Total washout, wouldn’t work. Anyway, Bug Puppet is really articulated, a technological marvel, and you can see it in action in its debut video below:

You can take a look at more of Barnaby Dixon’s work at his YouTube channel here.