‘Little Evil’: Creepy Kid Horror Spoof Coming to Netflix (Trailer)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Little Evil

Many of the best horror stories are simply exaggerations of interpersonal family issues that are nearly universal in the human experience. The Shining is about the anxiety of being a father. Psycho is about the anxiety of being a woman (and then, of being a son). The Omen is about the anxiety of thinking your son is the Antichrist. And the upcoming Little Evil is about thinking your new stepson is actually the son of the Devil.

Little Evil brings a comedic spin to this material, with Adam Scott’s creepy stepson Lucas actually dressing like Damien from The Omen. The movie has a new trailer in advance of its release on Netflix early next month, and you can check it out for yourself below:

Little Evil is directed by Eli Craig, who also directed Tucker & Dale vs. Evil in 2010. It comes to a Netflix account near you on September 1st.