Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji: Cough Drop Kit Kat Bars Come to Japan

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji

We are all on a highway called “weird Kit Kat bars in Japan,” and I don’t want to freak you out but honestly? I have no idea where this road is going. I do know what the latest exit is, though – a horrifying concoction known as Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji, best described in English as cough drop Kit Kat bars.

The guy on the box of Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji up there is Yasutaro Matsuki, who’s famous in Japan as an extremely enthusiastic football commentator, the reasoning being that he could soothe his throat with the candy bar’s 2.1% throat lozenge powder per serving.

What do the Kit Kat Nodo Ame Aji bars taste like? Not sure, but if you’re interested you can read up on the limited edition offering available now in Japan through September 10th, right here. At this point I’d offer a prediction on what the next weird Japanese Kit Kat bar will be, but I wouldn’t want it to come true.