Rare Panther “No Hate” Collection with Proceeds to Unity C-Ville Victim Relief

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 18, 2017

Rare Panther "No Hate" Collection

It’s unfortunate but true: In the summer of 2017 you pretty much have to take a stand against Nazis. There are two general approaches you could take on this – the one favored by our current president, to simper and equivocate, mutter incoherently about “many sides,” then retreat to the secret McDonald’s underneath the White House. Or option number two, with an optional assist from the new Rare Panther “No Hate” collection.

The Rare Panther “No Hate” collection makes it exceedingly clear how the wearer feels about fascism, with a pretty cool graphic featuring the Rare Panther panther taking a bloody bite out of a Nazi swastika. Even better, 40 percent of the proceeds from this collection will go to Unity C-Ville Victim Relief, a fund set up to help victims of the Nazi rally in Charlottesville last weekend.

Support that good cause and get a cool t-shirt and/or hoodie in the process by shopping the Rare Panther “No Hate” collection at the brand’s site right here.