Nebula Mars Portable Cinema: The World is Your Movie Theater

by: Joseph On  Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nebula Mars Portable Cinema

Here comes Mr. Cinema Man, that reliable harbinger of autumn, with his magical cinema briefcase that brings joy to children and children at heart all over the world. This isn’t an excerpt from a lost Ray Bradbury novel – it’s one possible application for the Nebula Mars Portable Cinema from JBL.

JBL’s Nebula Mars Portable Cinema is designed to come without any of the usual compromises that come with portable projection. That means rich, home theater-quality sound from its own built-in speakers, as well as a projector that’s purportedly powerful enough to project a clear, 150-inch high-definition picture outside even during the daytime.

It goes without saying that the Nebula Mars Portable Cinema is supposed to work with just about any movie-playing device you can name, particularly those that are as portable as it is. You can order one, or just get some more information on everything it can do, at the Nebula Mars Portable Cinema’s Amazon listing right here.