‘CNN’s Eclipse of the Century’: CNN to Air 360-Degree 4K Stream of Eclipse

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, August 15, 2017

CNN's Eclipse of the Century

In less than a week, that solar eclipse everybody’s talking about will come and go, and only the people in the United States’ “path of totality” will able to see it with their own eyes (shielded by protective eyewear, of course). But at least those of us not willing or able to be in that narrow band of the US at the appointed time can tune into CNN’s Eclipse of the Century .

CNN’s Eclipse of the Century will be a 360-degree livestream in 4K ultra HD resolution, viewable through CNN‘s website, its mobile apps, and its various social media accounts on August 21st, starting at 1 PM Eastern Time.

You can get more information on CNN’s Eclipse of the Century, the title of which kind of makes it sound like Ted Turner is somehow controlling the alignment of the sun and Earth, at CNN’s official site for their eclipse programming right here.