Love Symbol #2: Prince Now Has an Official Color from Pantone Color Institute

by: Joseph On  Monday, August 14, 2017

Love Symbol #2 via

After Prince died last year, I remember being astounded the a single person could own an entire color – a sliver of visible radiation on the spectrum of light was wholly owned by Prince Rogers Nelson, and he’s probably the only person in history to accomplish such a feat. Not that this was necessary, but it’s now official, at least as far as the Pantone Color Institute is concerned, with the unveiling of Love Symbol #2.

Love Symbol #2 is a shade of purple that is now officially designated by Pantone – a company that “helps companies make the most informed decisions about color for their brands or products” – in honor of The Purple One.

Love Symbol #2 is reportedly taken from the hue of the Yamaha purple piano Prince had custom-made himself in the 80s, and is expected to be used for officially licensed merchandise put out by the Prince estate in the very near future.