‘Exit 57’: Matthew McConaughey Recreates Forgotten Comedy Sketch with Stephen Colbert (Video)

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 11, 2017

Exit 57

So, this is a little bit weird, so bear with me. Back in the mid-90s, one of Stephen Colbert‘s first gigs in comedy was a member of a sketch comedy series on Comedy Central entitled Exit 57. The show ran for a season or two and was promptly forgotten by everyone – everyone except actor Matthew McConaughey, who not only remembers it but relishes those memories with a passion, as his recent interview on Colbert’s current, more widely seen TV job indicates:

OK, so, normally, that probably would have been the end of it. But The Late Show with Stephen Colbert took things one step further, and actually had McConaughey and Colbert (the world’s freshest new comedy duo) perform McConaughey’s favorite Exit 57 sketch, entitled “Forecast.” It’s a pretty funny sketch, and it’s easy to imagine a world where it became a classic, instead of locked away in the dustbin of comedy history/Matthew McConaughey’s memory: