Hyperface: An Artificially Intelligent Mask Displays Human Emotions

by: Joseph On  Friday, August 4, 2017


Most people were born with masks over their skulls that are able to, among other things, visually display emotional states. They’re called faces, but a designer named Eun Kyung Shin has come up with a 21st century, well, let’s call it an enhancement to the standard face: It’s called Hyperface.

The experimental Hyperface is a visor that uses smart technology to display the desired emotional interface, kind of like a living, breathing emoji where your head used to be. I don’t expect too many readers out there to appreciate this reference, but for me it brings to mind Paul Ernst’s fictional detective Seekay, who in his hypothetical 21st century reboot could have one of these covering his face rather than his celluloid or plastic masks.

Anyway, you can read up on Hyperface at Designboom right here, and I wouldn’t be too outrageously shocked if we started seeing this or similar technology out in the real world before too long.