Micro but Many: A New Online Home for Micro Machines

by: Joseph On  Friday, July 21, 2017

Micro but Many

I was a Hot Wheels and Matchbox car kid, but I still have respect for the Micro Machines brand. I also have respect for a good, detailed online gallery, which is why I’m always intrigued by a site like Micro but Many, a new online showcase for the Micro Machine collection of Tim Smith.

Micro but Many features 1,172 of Smith’s Micro Machines, but he won’t rest until he has a complete set. Each vehicle comes with additional details and info, and even though there’s no shortage of Micro Machine fan sites out there, this appears to be a worthy addition to the micro canon.

Like the Mutiny song says – “What More Can I Say?” If you want to check out Tim Smith’s collection of Micro Machines for yourself, head over to the official Micro but Many site right here. Then, a call to your parents might be in order, to see if any of your collection has survived.