KFC Ltd: A Ridiculous New Merchandise Line from The Colonel

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 17, 2017


KFC has handily surpassed Burger King and all its other competitors in the race to come up with the most ridiculous promotional gimmicks. Their latest almost seems quaint compared to launching a chicken sandwich into space – it’s KFC Ltd, a new line of Colonel-branded merchandise.

The KFC Ltd collection includes socks, pillowcases, ironic t-shirts (actually, I guess everything in this collection would be considered ironic), jewelry, enamel pins, and even, yes, a one-of-a-kind space meteorite sculpted to look like a KFC Zinger sandwich. That last item carried a price tag of $20,000, but it’s already been snapped up by some eager, chicken-loving buyer.

However, you can still check out the remaining KFC Ltd stock at the brand’s official site right here, where you can find “Quality Chicken Good for Your Everyday Life,” most of them much more reasonably priced than a $20,000 meteorite. A lot of the items seem to be going out of stock, so better hurry if you want to grab anything for yourself.