‘Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie’: Arnold and Friends Return to TV (Video)

by: Joseph On  Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

For my own psychological well-being, I refuse to look up precisely how long it’s been since Hey Arnold! was on the air. But it’s been a while, and now Arnold and all his PS 118 classmates are coming back, in a two hour TV movie entitled Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie.

Why is it called that? Because in Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, Arnold and his cohorts take a school field trip to the South American nation of San Lorenzo, where a treasure map that belonged to Arnold’s (deceased? absent? I was never clear on that) father will guide them on some kind of treasure hunt/emotional adventure. Here’s a little preview of the movie, which is all about how the characters have been updated visually for the show’s return:

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie will reportedly make its way to Nickelodeon sometime in November, so you have until then to finally leave your stoop and get to a TV (sorry, that’s really the only episode of the show I remember clearly).