Seiko x Coca-Cola Clock Collection

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, July 11, 2017
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Seiko x Coca-Cola Clock Collection

Seiko and Coca-Cola have launched a new collaborative collection of retro-styled clocks inspired by the 1960s heyday of Coke merchandise. The Seiko x Coca-Cola clock range is made up of a variety of different clocks in different sizes and designs, all hearkening back to when America trusted Coca-Cola to tell us what time it was (??).

The Seiko x Coca-Cola clocks include alarm clocks, desk clocks, and one full-size wall clock, all with prominent Coca-Cola and Seiko branding as well as the signature red and white color scheme associated with Coke. There’s also a black one featuring red accents, in case you feel like telling time while also keeping your love of Coca-Cola low-key and elegant.

Keep your eyes on the official Seiko site here for more information on the new collaborative collection of Seiko x Coca-Cola clocks, and check out the collection at your nearest participating Seiko outlet, where the collection is supposed to be available now.