Luzli ROLLER MK01 Headphones by TECA Roll Up Like Bracelets

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 3, 2017
Tags:  Luzli   MK01   ROLLER   TECA   Audio Gear   Headphones  


The nicer and more substantial a pair of headphones is, the harder it can be to store or carry around with you – my own pair of Sennheisers often give me grief in rolling up its extra-long cord, even though they’re awesome in every other way. Design duo TECA have come up with a new solution to this issue, with the Luzli ROLLER MK01.

The Luzli ROLLER MK01 headphones earn their name by way of their novel roll-up design, which lets them not just fit whatever your precise head size and shape is perfectly while you’re using them, but roll up into a steel-link bracelet-like ball when you’re not. It might be tough to actually wear it as a bracelet, though, which is why it comes with its own carrying case.

It’s all very nice until your eyes flash onto the Luzli ROLLER MK01 ‘s price tag, which is at about three grand. Not too rich for your blood? Buy your own pair right here.