Daft Punk’s Roland TR-909 Drum Machine from “Revolution 909” Going Up for Sale

by: Joseph On  Monday, July 3, 2017

Daft Punk's Roland TR-909

A drum machine used by Daft Punk to record their breakthrough album Homework back in 1996, with its original presets used to create their debut single “Revolution 909”? You might expect to see such a device in a museum, but in fact Daft Punk’s Roland TR-909 is going up for sale, courtesy of Vintage & Analogue Occasion.

Daft Punk’s Roland TR-909 is a collector’s item that V&A O intend to “sell to the highest bidder,” apparently on Facebook, who will then own a crucial piece of Daft Punk’s musical history. And with the TR-909 formerly owned by DP’s Thomas Bangalter, you’ll be able to theoretically produce the unique sounds that went into “Revolution 909” without spending countless hours programming your own machine.

Check out the Facebook post announcing the sale here, and stay tuned for more information on who ends up getting Daft Punk’s Roland TR-909. I really hope it’s not Martin Shkreli.