“The Secret to Victory”: New Gatorade Ad Stars Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, and More (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Secret to Victory

A new commercial for Gatorade confirms what many have long suspected: That the real key to athletic glory has been within you all along. Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, the Manning brothers, and Matt Ryan are a few of the star athletes enlisted to help share “The Secret to Victory” for Gatorade.

If you’re thinking that “The Secret to Victory” is Gatorade, you’re way off – instead, Jordan and co. spend the commercial sharing their most humiliating defeats, the idea being that it’s defeat that gives us the motivation to be the best. So if you’re just getting started in your career as an athlete, better lay off the Gatorade, so you’re properly motivated to become a champion later on.

That probably wasn’t the intended message of “The Secret to Victory,” but you can watch the commercial below to see it for yourself. And Gatorade has actually launched a podcast about this theme of defeat propelling champions to victory, and you can check that out right here.

Here’s the commercial: