‘Purple Rain’ Deluxe Expanded Edition Now Streaming

by: Joseph On  Friday, June 23, 2017

Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded Edition

Covering something like the new Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded Edition in a tonally appropriate way is difficult, since it’s more than likely true that if Prince were alive today, it wouldn’t exist, at least not in its present form. Music is music, though, and even if no one in their right mind would trade the Purple One’s life for a three-disc Purple Rain reissue, it’s an impossible task for any Prince fan to resist it, especially since it’s now available on music streaming platforms like Spotify.

If you go out and buy the full Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded Edition, it will come with a DVD of a 1985 concert in Syracuse from the Purple Rain Tour, but the one on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and so on doesn’t have the concert. What it does have is an entire disc of “From the Vault & Previously Unreleased” tracks, including the fabled 12-minute extended version of “Computer Blue,” as well as a third disc of “Single Edits & B-Sides.”

The Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded Edition also includes a new remastered version of the original album, overseen by Prince himself before he died. Check your streaming service of choice now, and say goodbye to the rest of your afternoon, because the fully expanded version clocks in at three hours, 18 minutes: