“I Told You”: Astral Tequila Scores Coveted Most Interesting Man in the World Endorsement (Video)

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Told You

For years, The Most Interesting Man in the World told us at the end of every Dos Equis commercial that he doesn’t always drink beer. Was this some kind of affectation? A clever soft-sell advertising slogan? Or the truth? The latter appears to have been the case all along, according to a new teaser for Astral Tequila known as “I Told You.

Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who played The Most Interesting Man in the World until his tenure with Dos Equis came to an end, evidently has the rights to keep playing the character for other brands, and since “I Told You” is billed as a teaser one can safely assume that Astral Tequila has a whole advertising campaign planned for the character.

Check out “I Told You” below, and if you think you’re interesting enough to handle it, get a little bit more information on Astral Tequila at the brand’s official site here.